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What We Do
At Dark Sources Security, our vision is to become the essential dark web monitoring company for online users and businesses. This includes building software applications that can combat the fast paced hacker community. The success of our first Product Free Hack Report and the release of our latest product Password Scrubber & RESTful API service is allowing companies and individuals the ability to take back what the hacker community has been destroying.

Our Free Hack Report product intercepts the data that hackers are selling and trading, to find stolen personal information of online users, that have been hacked, leaked or compromised from websites they have registered with.
We provide a FREE Hack Report via email that allows users to know when, where, and what personal information has been stolen and published online including their Passwords and Password Hints

Our Password Scrubber & RESTful API Service is a set of turnkey solutions to scrub and lock down high risk user credentials in real-time based on our database of over 20 billion recovered credentials and live cloud analysis of a user’s current live usage across the internet.